Maison Matisse, from painting to object

It is probably the last work of the Italian architect Alessandro Mendini (1931-2019): three colorful vases with fanciful cutouts, like a hymn to joy to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the birth of the painter Henri Matisse, at Cateau-Cambr├ęsis (North)."Any empathy between myself and the figurative world of this great character could only start from an object, and more precisely from a vase," confided the maestro who drew his life during - as his compatriot Andrea Branzi - this usual and ancient object which fascinated him.

These three "mendinese" vases that make you smile - unveiled during the FIAC in Paris - are part of the first collection of Maison Matisse, a new brand in the world of decoration, launched by the fourth generation of the family of the French painter."We were looking for an idea to bring to life the spirit of my great-grandfather without reproducing or plagiarizing what he did so well in his time, explains the great-grandson, Jean-Matthieu Matisse.' a collection of objects is imposed because, in his paintings, there were always objects-actors of his canvas: a vase, a pitcher, a chair ..."

A window on the outside

At the time, Henri Matisse, descended from a family of weavers from the North, bargain-hunted at vintage dealers, to which he added Islamic ceramics, primitive sculptures and various pieces of furniture which made up his "palette of objects ".

Three other designers were invited by Maison Matisse to this delicate exercise which consists in reinterpreting in 3D the world of the leader of Fauvism.The French Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec were inspired - with the originality of which they are customary - d a pictorial theme often present in Matisse's work, a window on the outside.Their vases, three cylinders of glazed ceramic in foliage and azure color, are presented in front of an anodized aluminum screen, like a bow window open to a sky summer or on the Mediterranean.The window coping takes the form of a terracotta brick, in a refined and conceptual set.

Posted Date: 2020-07-16

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